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"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other." ~ August Wilson


Laughter is a natural, healthy, and freeing form of expression for children, yet a traditional classroom setting typically discourages bouts of unrestrained giggles and mirthful play. Laughter Yoga offers an opportunity for children to be encouraged to be themselves, to engage in playful laughter, and to have permission to be silly! Schools are discovering that children who participate in daily Laughter Yoga exercises are more able to focus in the classroom, more willing to communicate and cooperate with others, more creative, and more motivated to learn!

Laughing Anne offers Laughter Yoga sessions for students of all ages, helping kids discover the power of laughter as a tool for navigating stressful social and academic situations. Laughter Yoga is also a fun and creative form of physical activity, making "exercise" a joyful activity that kids of all ages look forward to! Regular Laughter Yoga sessions in the classroom provide an opportunity for children to develop the habit of laughter at an early age, allowing them to cultivate a more positive outlook on life and foster better relationships with their peers in school and throughout life.

Laughter Yoga workshops are also available for staff and faculty! Faced with unprecedented stress, those working in the educational system are in need of laughter more than ever. Schedule a Laughter Yoga for Educators workshop and experience the impact that laughter can have on finding creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems! Teachers and staff members who laugh together find that their teacher-student communication improves, they have more energy and inspiration in the classroom, and are less prone to feelings of burnout.

Laughing Anne is available to conduct Laughter Yoga sessions with your students in the classroom, or to present Laughter Yoga workshops to teachers, staff, and administration, helping all to find more positivity and light-heartedness amidst stressful times. Learn more about the benefits of laughter--schedule your Laughter Yoga workshop today!