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"All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other." ~ August Wilson


Contact Laughing Anne () or 208-351-1241 to schedule a Laughter Yoga event today!

“Laughing Through Life” Personal Coaching

Sometimes laughter feels like a distant memory. If life challenges, stress, or depression have you feeling like you’ve lost your ability to laugh, or you’re not comfortable laughing in a group, try a one-on-one Laughter Coaching session to help you reconnect with that part of you that laughed freely as a child.

Laughter Yoga for Special Events and Parties

Schedule a personalized laughter yoga session for your birthday party, celebratory event, fundraiser, church gathering, or organizational meeting. Suitable for all ages and abilities, Laughter Yoga makes events hilarious, memorable and fun!

Laughology, the movie

Host a screening of this screamingly funny documentary about why we laugh! Laughology tells the story of the rise of the world wide laughter movement and the new science about the health benefits of laughter. Laughing Anne will lead a participatory Laughter Yoga session following the 66-minute film.

Laughter Yoga and Meditation
Have FUN along the path to inner peace!

Join Laughing Anne for a Laughter Yoga meditation and learn how to access your true inner state of bliss! Experience the fun of using laughter to pierce through the mental veil of fears and doubts to uncover the JOY that is and has always been at your core. Learn how to use laughter as a daily meditation practice and experience the total mental and physical relaxation that follows! Discover yoga breathing techniques and laughter exercises that dissolve negativity, stress, and tension almost instantly.

"Mommy and Me" Laughter Yoga For Families

What if children were raised by parents who demonstrated, through their example, that life is FUN? That the secret to happiness is to lighten up? That we don't have to take life so seriously all the time? This family-oriented Laughter Yoga class introduces playful techniques to help parents break free from the "do as I say, not as I do" rut and learn how to live life as an example of levity and light-heartedness! Enhance the family bond through the gift of playfulness and laughter and learn practical methods for using laughter to navigate parenting challenges and the stresses of life. Kids and adults will giggle and laugh together through this Laughter Yoga session, suitable for children of all ages, infants to teens.

Prenatal Laughter Yoga

This laughter yoga class is specifically tailored to pregnant women in all trimesters, with gentle yoga postures and exercises designed to accommodate the unique physical and emotional journey of pregnancy with Laughter! Come have fun with other moms-to-be and prepare your whole body, mind, and spirit for childbirth and motherhood in this unique hour-long Laughter Yoga session. Experience how laughter can help alleviate physical discomfort and fatigue, improve sleep quality, and cultivate a relaxed state of mind. Share the gift of laughter with your unborn baby and let him/her get to know the best part of you!

Laughter Yoga for Fitness and Weight Loss

This high-energy cardio workout will help you laugh off those extra pounds while having a whale of a good time! (Hardy har har!) Ten minutes of laughter is the aerobic equivalent of thirty minutes on a rowing machine, but much, much more fun! And who wants to do crunches or sit ups when you can work your abdominal muscles effortlessly through hearty belly laughter? Ditch the treadmill this winter and come laugh and play in this hilarious Laughter Yoga class, a reminder that movement and exercise can be joyful and FUN after all.