Welcome to Laughter Yoga with Laughing Anne! You've heard it said that "laughter is the best medicine." Now it's time to come find out for yourself! Join Anne every Tuesday at noon for the "Laughter by the Falls" Lunchtime Laughter club.

Now scheduling one-on-one coaching sessions: learn the art of consciously-applied laughter to transform any challenge into opportunity and discover your own reservoir of inner peace!
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Laughter Yoga is a "wellbeing workout" that is sweeping the globe! Combining laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques, a Laughter Yoga session makes you feel energized and joyful in thirty minutes or less. Laughter improves your mood, your health, and your creativity, and Laughter Yoga sessions are designed to help you tap into the laughter within you--even if you don't feel like laughing! Based upon the concept that "motion creates emotion," Laughter Yoga helps you to build your "laughter muscles" and laugh more easily in your life. We don't use jokes, humor, or comedy to stimulate laughter; instead, we practice laughing for no reason, and in no time we are laughing as easily and joyfully as children!

Benefits of laughter:
~ Releases endorphins, the "feel good" hormones
~ Boosts your immune system
~ Provides aerobic exercise
~ Reduces stress hormone levels
~ Improves circulation
~ Enhances emotional intelligence
~ Releases suppressed emotions
~ Improves social connections
~ Reduces blood pressure
~ Reduces pain
~ Improves self-confidence
~ Expands creativity

What People Are Saying:

"Laughter Yoga gives me such perspective and reminds me of the importance and POWER of this readily available medicine and tool.... laughing.  It is so easy to get caught up in routines and roles.  I find it incredibly refreshing to break away and meet with others to do nothing but laugh.  Everything flows better and feels better, plus it helps establish a pattern of laughing more throughout everyday circumstances.   I am in such gratitude for Laughing Anne and her passion for life and laughing!  Try it, you might like it... "  ~  Teresa Simmons

"I have experienced a steady improvement in my asthma symptoms. Since, starting laughter yoga I have decreased my steroid inhaler by 1/2!! I feel great, I laugh more often, and experience joy in the everyday much more. " ~ Elizabeth Sharp-Marsden

Start Laughing Today!

You already know that laughter just feels good, like no other form of exercise, medicine, or social connection. Now you can connect with others who enjoy the pure joy of laughter--come on out to the Tuesday laughter club, or schedule a laughter workshop for your organization or business! Contact Anne at or call 208-716-2465.

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